Women's Digital Financial Services Adoption and Resilience

Read this new blog from MSC, Will the Pandemic Exacerbate or Mitigate the Digital Gender Gap?


    9:00 am IST/ 7:30 pm PST
     Welcome note
             Yasmin Klaudia Bin Humam, Financial Sector Development Specialist, CGAP

9:05 am IST/ 7:35 pm PST
Rapid Insights: Brief insights from different geographies
         Gunanidhi Das, Chief Executive Officer, Women’s MicroBank, Papua New Guinea
         Josefhine Chitra, Senior Manager, Public Affairs, Gojek, Indonesia

    9:20 am IST/ 7:50 pm PST
Evidence: Women's digital financial services use during Covid-19
               Akhand Tiwari, Associate Partner, MSC (MicroSave Consulting)

9:30 am IST/ 8:05 pm PST
Debate: Covid-19 response is exacerbating the gender digital divide

            Subhalakhsmi Nandi, Senior Program Officer, BMGF

             Dr Sita Sumrit, Assistance Director and Head of Poverty Eradication & Gender Division, ASEAN 
             Moonmoon Shehrin, Manager, BRAC
             Renana Jhabvala, President, SEWA
             Krishna Thacker, Director, MetLife Foundation

    10:05 am IST/ 08:30 pm PST
     Break out session: Small group discussions by theme

    10:25 am IST/ 08:35 pm PST
     Wrap up and closing remarks