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Grameen Foundation Launches Initiative to End Financial Abuse: Program SAFE

This comprehensive initiative aims to raise awareness, provide support services, and build a global coalition to safeguard against financial abuse in all its forms. 


African Guarantee Fund and Kenya Women Microfinance Bank Ink Deal to Strengthen Women's Access to Finance

African Guarantee Fund (AGF) has signed a Sh725 million ($5.37 million) risk-sharing partnership agreement with the Kenya Women Microfinance Bank  (KWFT).


Gender-Disaggregated Data in Financial Institutions: A Pragmatic Perspective

This article proposes a pragmatic approach, with tangible use cases and best practices for collecting, analyzing and using gender-disaggregated data to accelerate women's financial inclusion.


Philippines: Community Bank Champions Women’s Empowerment Through Financial Inclusion

Since adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals as part of its sustainability framework in 2010, BDO has reported that 66 percent of its micro, small, and medium enterprises clients for BDONB are women-owned as of 2022.


Policy Diagnostic: Women in Leadership

This policy diagnostic presents policymakers with an overview of gender balance in the finance industry and then focuses on key areas for advancing women’s movement into, and active participation in, executive and other leadership roles.


Women and Equitable Growth in a Resource-Constrained World

This paper addresses the need to reform the international development finance architecture in ways that expand access to affordable credit for women entrepreneurs in the Global South, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.


BIGD Releases Two Requests for Research Proposals on Women’s Economic Empowerment

Both WEE-Connect and WEE-DiFine are currently accepting proposals for rigorous research studies based in Sub Saharan Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.


Visa Foundation Helps to Uplift More Than Four Million Small- and Micro-Businesses

Visa Foundation partners with local organizations to invest in primarily women-owned small- and micro-businesses, creating ripple effects for the entrepreneurs and their employees, and the customers and communities they serve.


Financial Inclusion: Report Seeks More Fintechs’ Investment in Women

According to the report, by using business strategies informed by analyzing sex-disaggregated data, fintech firms could capitalize on the women’s market while contributing to greater financial inclusion for women.

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Empowering Rural Women in Mali Through Self-Help Groups

This study highlights the approach used to enable women to access credit and develop income-generating activities that contribute to their empowerment and give them access to microcredit.