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Petronella Dhitima , Member , Zimbabwe
21 May 2024

Rich repository of information and latest developments in Financial Inclusion for women. It's a great platform to keep abreast with global developments. I have missed a few events but hope to attend one soon. Keep up the good work.

Beth Micah , NGO, Kenya
14 May 2024

This platform offers valuable insights about empowerement and has been key in availing crucial information.It would really be good if we can extend the empowerement to the very lower end women.

Edith Orego , FinEquity Member, Kenya
14 May 2024

The Community of practice is a a wealth of resources. I have learnt so much about financial inclusion since I joined FinEquity. Please keep it up!

Denis Musa , Asset financing and inclusive digital economies, Malawi
13 May 2024

Since i joined The Platform, i have been able to connect and learn from a diverse set of brilliant minds from different fields across the globe, especially on issue affecting women in modern-day transactional markets

Anonymous , India
13 May 2024

Although I have not been following all the news and blogs in detail, the newsletters give me access to current work in the field.

Gloria Makahwi , Women centered organisation, Zimbabwe
09 May 2024

The meetings l attended were informative. I was exposed to a lot of knowledge from all around the world within the development space. I hope to expand my knowledge on market systems.

Christine atieno okinda , I'm a member of Finequity , Kenya
30 April 2024

Since I joined FinEquity, I have learnt a lot of things I wouldn't know, I am so grateful, hoping to learn more about women's empowerment.

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