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Locked out of Learning: Addressing the COVID-19 Education Crisis

Private sector investment is needed to support low-cost private schools in low and medium income countries.
FinDev Blog

What Can Edufinance Learn From Microfinance?

Recent excitement over the investment potential of edufinance will remind long-time impact investors of similar growth predictions for microfinance not too long ago. Taking advantage of the huge pool of hard–won experience built by the microfinance sector over 30-plus years can help the edufinance sector avoid missteps and greatly accelerate its growth and success.
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How Can We Improve Education with DFS+?

Proposing digital payment solutions to help keep teachers in classrooms in Niger
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Data Science Brings Education Finance to More Families

Opportunity International shares its unique approach to education finance, using algorithms to get more children in school through education loans for families and low-cost private schools.
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Enhancing Access to Education with Microfinance Loans for Low-Cost Private Schools

Roshaneh Zafar talks about Kashf Foundation's award-winning program for low-cost schools