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"Our Time As Leaders Has Come"

Women leaders in financial inclusion from around the globe answer the question: What message or advice would you give to women in the sector who would like to reach leadership positions in their institutions?
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Why Do We Need a Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice?

CGAP’s Yasmin Bin-Humam discusses why gender is such a key topic in financial inclusion and what the Women's Financial Inclusion Community of Practice (COP) is up to.
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Gateway Guide to Women’s Financial Inclusion

A guide to our most recent library resources on digital financial services for women, policies for promoting women’s financial inclusion, reviews of impact evaluations on women’s empowerment initiatives, and more.
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The Story of Her: Gender Insights from FinScope

FinScope’s layered approach to data collection and analysis allows us to explore women’s empowerment at the individual, household, and community levels.
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How Can We Improve Education with DFS+?

Proposing digital payment solutions to help keep teachers in classrooms in Niger
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Closing the Capacity Gap for Financial Service Providers With e-Learning

Post-webinar interview with Josephine Kibe on the Gateway Academy's new training platform, and how they seek to close the gap between demand and supply in the financial inclusion capacity building market.
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Does Housing Finance Influence Quality of Construction?

While the number of MFIs offering housing microfinance has increased over the years, there has always been a debate about whether financing actually helps improve construction quality.
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Women’s Empowerment Indicators

Unlike other data sources, FII data has a dedicated gender module measuring women’s economic empowerment, which aims to assess whether women's access to finance results in empowerment.
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More Than Just a House: Building Sustainable Homes for Rural Communities in Mexico

Interview with European Microfinance Award winner, Cooperativa de Ahorro y Préstamo Tosepantomin, about their sustainable housing program for rural indigenous communities.
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Sowing Digital Seeds

Given the rapid expansion of digital financial services (DFS) use cases in agriculture, the burning question now is: How can women benefit from these tools at equal rates as men?