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WhatsApp and Algorithms: How to Get Financing to Farmers in East Africa

The founders of Ugandan fintech Emata share how their solution is helping dairy farmers and their cooperatives access finance and manage operations.
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How To Get a Historic Bilateral Deal to Share Agent Banking Infrastructure

Scale2Save partners FINCA and Centenary Bank in Uganda go from competition to cooperation, sharing service-distribution infrastructure for the benefit of end-user low-income customers.
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Instant Liquidity Support for Mobile Money Agents

Inclusive fintech Flow shares how they have adapted their model to continue providing a much-needed service during the coronavirus crisis.
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Alternative Delivery Channels Can Help Financial Service Providers and Customers Navigate the Pandemic

How cashless transactions in Sub-Saharan Africa can be improved and expanded
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Building Resilience in Real Time

Organizations implementing the graduation approach need tools to manage their different program components effectively. Mobile and cloud technology are helping them to support poor women on their path out of poverty. 
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Are Refugees Too Risky for Financial Inclusion?

Large numbers of vulnerable communities continue to flee their home countries due to war and conflict. Settling in refugee camps, they are perceived by many financial institutions as too risky to serve. VisionFund International explores the opportunities and challenges in serving refugee communities in West Nile, Uganda.
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Getting It Right: With Mobile for Girls

Mobile offers significant potential to engage people at scale, connecting them to services and solutions that can improve their everyday lives. The rise of mobile banking products, such as Safaricom’s mPesa in Kenya and other digital financial services, show that overcoming specific contextual challenges and responding to the demand of low-income people at scale, requires digitally-led solutions.
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Getting It Right: Providing Financial Services to Refugees

Drawing on the findings from recently released market studies in Jordan and Uganda, here are the top five recommendations for financial service providers (FSPs) willing to contribute to the financial inclusion of refugees.