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Three Principles to Help Financial Cooperatives Weather the COVID-19 Storm

What can financial cooperatives and their supervisors do to manage the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic?
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COVID-19 FinDev Weekly Update #1

A roundup of the most relevant coronavirus-related news, resources and events from the past week, carefully curated by FinDev editors for the microfinance and financial inclusion community.
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COVID-19: How Does Microfinance Weather the Coming Storm?

If the microfinance sector is going to survive the pandemic, we need to treat COVID-19 as the fundamental threat to the industry that it likely is. 
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The Myth of Digital Credit as a Catalyst for Financial Inclusion in Nigeria

A review of the top 20 digital credit companies in the country reveals that regulation is sorely needed.
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COVID-19: How Is the Pandemic Affecting Your Work and the Clients You Serve?

We invite you to join an open discussion among the global financial inclusion and microfinance community on the effects of this pandemic and how organizations are preparing to deal with it.
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Empowerment Begins With Identity

Opening a bank account in many countries is a cumbersome process requiring official documents that women often don't have. Digital ID systems can make this process more accessible and help enable women’s financial inclusion. 
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Your Guide to the New FinDev

FinDev Gateway has undergone a transformation. Get to know our new and updated platform for the financial inclusion community.
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In Posts We Trust

Post offices have a long tradition of offering financial services, dating back to 1861. Most are now venturing into providing digital financial services (DFS) to their customers. But how can we increase uptake and take advantage of the Post's broad reach?
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Protecting Livestock and Livelihoods from Climate Change

European Microfinance Award winner, APA Insurance, is working with Kenyan smallholders to help them build resilience to the effects of climate change such as droughts and flooding.
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FinDev Guide to Upcoming Financial Inclusion Events

A multitude of opportunities await you in 2020 for learning, networking and connecting with colleagues around the latest trends, issues and challenges in microfinance and financial inclusion. Check out these key training and event opportunities.