Case Study

SPM in Practice: Pro Mujer (Bolivia)

Reaching out to poor women through integrated services
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This report describes the social performance management (SPM) strategy of Pro Mujer, Bolivia (PMB).

PMB’s mission is to support women who live in conditions of socioeconomic exclusion, through integrated services which lead to sustainability in their lives, family and community. PMB has offered training and social services to women since 1990. It began to offer integrated financial and social development services in 1993, using a village banking methodology. PMB started piloting village bank loans for self-employed teenagers and youth in 2005. It also introduced a microinsurance scheme in 2006. Its approach to SPM includes:

  • Strategy to meet clients’ needs and wants;
  • Social responsibility towards staff;
  • Monitoring and assessing progress towards social goals;
  • Using information to improve performance;
  • Aligning strategy and operations to SPM;
  • Understanding trade-offs and increasing access to services.

A key lesson that PMB has learnt is that the lack of precise social goals limits the institution’s approach to managing its social performance.

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