Case Study

Opportunity Bank Serbia: Implementing a Strategic Plan for SPM

Case study on the role of governance in avoiding mission drift

This case study is directed toward microfinance providers who seek to improve their social performance management (SPM) practices. The case of Serbian bank Opportunity Bank J.S.C. Novi Sad (OBS) highlights how an institution can implement a strategic plan for SPM in order to avoid mission drift.

The good practices discussed in this case study exemplify how providers can implement two of the standards found in the Social Performance Task Forces's Universal Standards for Social Performance Management: 

  • Senior management oversees implementation of the institution's strategy for achieving its social goals (Standard 2a).
  • Equity investors, lenders, board, and management are aligned on the institution’s double bottom line and implement an appropriate financial structure in its mix of sources, terms, and desired returns (Standard 6B).

About this Publication

By Spaggiari, L., Pescatori, C. & Vlastou, M.