Case Study

Togo: Postal Financial Inclusion through Mobile Agencies

Case study analyzing the success factors and challenges of the Togolese Post's mobile initiative
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The Togolese Post has put into place a ground-breaking business model which is allowing the relationship between the Post and its customers to be modernized. Instead of receiving customers at its agencies, the Post is now using a simple but effective structure to serve populations in remote areas where financial services were previously unavailable. This new initiative, called MobiPOST, allows the Post to play a key role in bringing banking services to a significant number of disadvantaged communities.

This case study seeks to establish the initiative's key success factors and the foundations on which the business model rests. The paper presents the main characteristics of the model, as well as its success factors and a number of challenges that lie ahead.

About this Publication

By Suedekum, G., Awata, A. & Berthaud, A.