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Final Evaluation: Chemen Lavi Miyó for Persons with Disabilities (CLMD)

Documenting a collaboration between Fonkoze and a university distance learning program
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For 12 months, from March 2015 through March 2016, Fonkoze’s Chemen Lavi Miyó (CLM) team managed a pilot for 30 ultra-poor persons with disabilities in Lascahobas, on the Haitian Central Plateau. The experiment had four goals:

  1. To develop a model that will allow groups  of students at a remote school to learn form an on-going development initiative;
  2. To determine whether Fonkoze’s CLM approach could be adapted to help extremely poor persons with disabilities increase their independence, providing the Secretary of State’s office with a proven approach that can be replicated all over the country;
  3. To teach the CLM team how to work with persons with disabilities so that they can be integrated as participants into the program’s regular work;
  4. To teach the CLM team whether More than Budgets, an approach to savings developed by a TCU professor, is an effective way to help program participants learn to save.

This final evaluation discusses lessons learned through the pilot’s three phases: development, implementation, and results.  

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By Dr. Elliott, D., Werlin, S.