Jorge A. Ruiz
20 Marzo 2020

Hi! Jorge Ruiz here, from Miami (Founder & CEO FinConecta).
We are a global tech company, with associates and clients around the world. As it is known, different countries/ markets are at different stages of evolution of both the pandemic and the remedial actions.
Our viewpoint is that COVID-19 is changing the way we live, work, bank, learn. and it's doing it forever. A new COVID-Gen is emerging: humans that are getting more used than ever to rely on tech and digital services for... well, everything. COVID-19 is equalizing the generational approach to tech, and converting people of all ages in tech-savvy citizens. This is a waking call for financial institutions: transform your organization, make it more inclusive, embedded and friction-less. There is no going back to "an analog way of doing banking". COVID-19 is propelling us forward. Let's ride the wave!