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Empowering Women to Face Climate Change: How Can We Create Awareness of Financial Products and Services That Meet Women’s Needs?

Reflecting on a Member-led Session at the #FinEquity2023 Annual Meeting, we dive into how PULA, Opportunity International, and Fundación WWB Colombia are working to understand women's climate realities and financial needs.
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When Equal Use Is Not What It Seems

Ghana has one of the most mature mobile money markets in Africa, and one of the smallest mobile ownership gender gaps. However, a deeper look at GSMA's data reveals several gender differences not immediately apparent on the surface - they've highlighted here. 
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How Ghana’s New Digital Finance Policy Can Drive Women’s Inclusion

Ghana made waves earlier this year when it launched the world’s first digital financial services (DFS) policy, building on the past five years of explosive DFS growth in the country. Can the new policy help to close the gender gap?