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Design in Action - What Does Gender-Intelligent Consumer Protection Look Like?

CGAP, Consumers International, and Consumer Council of Zimbabwe
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The third webinar in the ‘Design in Action’ series focused on the importance of consumer protection that is designed to meet women’s financial needs. 

Profiling FinEquity’s Gender-Intelligent Design Knowledge Guide, this webinar offered a discussion on how to design gender-inclusive consumer protection, incorporating findings from CGAP’s recent evidence review of digital financial services (DFS) consumer risks, and discussing it in the context of some of FinEquity's members' work.  

Consumers International discussed the systemic challenges for women within DFS consumer protection, sharing examples from some of their member countries on how they approach different contexts and expectations – highlighting the need to understand these elements in order to build consumer protection mechanisms that work for women. Consumers International also discussed how they have approached training to ensure that women’s needs are included, and incorporated into consumer protection. 

Lastly, the webinar featured Rose Mpofu, Acting Executive Director at Consumer Council of Zimbabwe, a Consumers International member. Rose drew on specific consumer protection efforts in Zimbabwe that address women’s financial lives, stressing the importance of understanding specific context and the diversity of women’s experiences. 

The purpose of this webinar was to help regulators, financial service providers, and other partners consider consumer protection with a gender lens, utilizing the Gender-Intelligent Design Knowledge Guide to better consider women's lives (and risks), resulting in more responsive and resonant consumer protection for women.  

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Sheila Senfuma

Consumers International

Sheila Senfuma Nakanyike is the Head of Programme for Digital Finance at Consumers International, the membership organization for 200+ consumer advocacy groups around the world in more than 100 countries. Prior to joining Consumers International, Sheila worked for the UN World Food Programme Uganda, heading the cash-based transfers and digital financial inclusion unit. Sheila has also worked for Ensibuuko, a leading financial technology company in Africa, the Bank Policy Institute in Washington DC as an Atlas Corps FinTech fellow, and Citibank.

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Commissioner Rosemary Chikarakara Mpofu

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe

Commissioner Rosemary Chikarakara Mpofu was recently appointed Chief Executive Officer of Consumer Council of Zimbabwe effective 1 December 2022. Rosemary is a social scientist with vast experience from working in hospitals, schools, and agriculture, engaging on consumer activism, and managing numerous organizations for both state and non-state actors locally, regionally, and internationally.

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Catherine Highet


Catherine Highet is the Digitally-Enabled Financial Inclusion Thematic Lead at FinEquity. Prior to this role, Catherine worked with the GSMA Connected Women program and FHI 360, focusing on digital inclusion activities, including DFS, digital identity and gender equality. She has also consulted for several digital development partners in the public and private sector including IREX, Mozilla and Souktel.