FinEquity Webinar

Learning Event on Gender Diversity and Leadership Development in Financial Services

FinEquity Africa and New Faces New Voices
A woman in Africa speaks at a meeting.

Hosted by FinEquity Africa and New Faces New Voices (NFNV), this learning event focused on advancing gender diversity and leadership development in financial services. The mandate of FinEquity Africa is to build a community of practice on financial inclusion in Africa and NFNV is at the center of engaging with financial institutions, regulators, and policymakers to enhance women’s economic advancement and financial inclusion by disseminating knowledge in Africa.

Through the webinar participants gained knowledge about:

  • The work of FinEquity Africa and NFNV
  • The efforts of NFNV in Kenya to amplify gender diversity and leadership development in financial services
  • FinEquity's knowledge guide on gender diversity and leadership development in financial services to promote adoption and use of these resources in Africa
  • Future collaboration opportunities to build and disseminate knowledge on financial inclusion in Africa

About this event

COP Webinar
COP Topics:
Gender Diversity & Leadership
Headshot of Caroline Armstrong Ogwapit.

Caroline Armstrong-Ogwapit

New Faces New Voices Trust - Kenya

Caroline is Chairperson of the Board for NFNV, a Graça Machel Trust women in finance network organization that advocates for the economic empowerment of women through access to finance, bringing on board more than 25 years leadership in the banking industry. Caroline also serves on the boards of National Housing Corporation, Kenya Airways (KQ), JamboJet and stock brokerage AIB Axys Africa, and is an Advisory Board member of The Room, a newly-formed member network of the African Leadership Group.

Headshot of Naome Otiti.

Naome Otiti

NLA University College

Naome is a Ugandan researcher in the field of financial inclusion. A predominant part of her research is on the role of women and their unique contribution to poverty alleviation. She also has research interests on the role of human resources for the performance of financial service providers such as microfinance institutions. Naome currently works as a Lecturer and Researcher at NLA University College, Norway. 

Headshot of Rose Ronoh.

Rose Ronoh


Rose is FinEquity Africa's Facilitator. She is a trade economist with over 20 years of work experience drawn from the public, private, and development sectors in Africa. Rose has been involved in negotiation, design, and implementation of trade and gender equality initiatives supporting development partners such as UNECA, CBI Netherlands, GIZ, Expertise France, and USAID.

Headshot of Nisha Singh.

Nisha Singh


Nisha is FinEquity's Gender Transformative Solutions Technical Lead. She has over 17 years of experience promoting access to finance and financial market systems development, with a focus on women’s economic empowerment and inclusion. Nisha worked at The SEEP Network from 2008 and 2016 to promote inclusive market systems development by building partnerships across the 120+ SEEP member organizations and associated stakeholders.