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Transformative Change for Women's Financial Inclusion

Transformative Change for Women's Financial Inclusion

Watch the above recording of a recent webinar, hosted by the Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of practice, that examines issues related to social norms and women’s financial inclusion and discusses how norm transformation can be integrated into programmatic work. A dynamic panel featured: the Grameen Foundation’s application of a gender lens to their resilience framework and key findings from their research; a social communications campaign in Kenya to address some of the psychological factors deeply rooted in entrenched social norms that create barriers for women’s uptake and use of new products, presented by Women’s World Banking and; a presentation by Care International on their Gender Equality Framework, and how their work in Uganda coupled household discussion sessions with product roll outs.

Target Audience: Financial inclusion practitioners, including donors, consultants, technical assistance providers, as well as researchers.


  • Transformative Change for Women’s Financial Inclusion - Grameen Foundation (PDF)
  • Transformative Change for Women’s Financial Inclusion – Women’s World Banking (PDF)
  • Transformative Change for Women’s Financial Inclusion - Care International (PDF)
  • LinkedIn Group for the Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice (Link)

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COP Topics:
Gender-intelligent Design, Digital Solutions, Gender Norms
Deena Burjorjee, CGAP

Deena Burjorjee


Deena Burjorjee is a long-term senior advisor with CGAP working with the Research and Development team to promote knowledge platforms for inclusive financial markets for the poor. Ms. Burjorjee has over 20 years of experience working in development finance at the policy and operational level, with a specific focus on gender programming for women’s economic empowerment. Deena is co-facilitator of the Women’s Financial Inclusion Community of Practice.

Bobbi Gray, Grameen Foundation

Bobbi Gray

Grameen Foundation

Bobbi Gray is Research Director at the Grameen Foundation. She has over twelve years of research, evaluation, and monitoring experience collaborating and coordinating research, evaluation and monitoring activities with in-country research teams, academic researchers, and partner organizations, which includes over 100 microfinance institutions and non-governmental organizations across Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa, to determine solutions for measuring and assessing the social performance and impacts of integrated financial and non-financial services for adults and youth across a variety of client outcome dimensions.

Anjali Banthia, Women’s World Banking

Anjali Banthia

Women’s World Banking

Anjali Banthia is a Specialist on the Consumer Insights & Engagement team at Women’s World Banking. In this role, she conducts product-related customer research and works globally with financial institutions to develop marketing and financial education programs that target un- and under-banked customer segments as a means of deepening financial inclusion.

Grace Majara, CARE International UK

Grace Majara

CARE International UK

Grace Majara is a Senior Advisor - Financial Inclusion with CARE International UK under the Women Economic Empowerment program. She has over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing financial inclusion and innovative solutions that include Village Savings and Loans Associations programming; digital technology, financial literacy and linkages, enterprise development and Value chain programming, with a specific focus on social normative change.