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Promoting Women's Financial Inclusion: A Toolkit

Toolkit to aid the design and implementation of women's financial inclusion and empowerment programs

This toolkit offers a practical guide to developing and monitoring financial services to enhance women's financial inclusion as a tool for their economic empowerment. It is aimed at staff in governments, donor agencies, and NGOs, who want information about how to design and implement programs to enhance women's financial inclusion.The toolkit uses lessons drawn from past projects on improving financial inclusion together with more general research literature. It discusses how such programs can be effectively designed, implemented, and monitored. It will also be of interest to people working on programs seeking broader empowerment outcomes for women, where financial inclusion may be only one of a range of objectives. Examples of such programs are education programs with a savings component or a health program with a microfinance component. The toolkit takes a project cycle approach. It goes through the different questions and issues involved in each stage of the design and implementation of a project, which are:

  • Scoping the issues;
  • Project design;
  • Implementation;
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

About this Publication

By Napier, M., Melamed, C., Taylor, G. & Jaeggi, T.