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Capturing Our Impact: Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion

E-book showcasing stories, videos and photos that illustrate the impact of digital innovation
Case Study

Overview of Practical Challenges in Local Saving Mobilization by Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions

Identifying challenges faced by Ethiopian MFIs working for savings mobilization

Practical Issues in Local Saving Mobilization by MFIs

Highlighting issues encountered by Ethiopian MFIs attempting to mobilize savings
Guide / Toolkit

Promoting Women's Financial Inclusion: A Toolkit

Toolkit to aid the design and implementation of women's financial inclusion and empowerment programs

Bridging the Gender Divide: An Experimental Analysis of Group Formation in African Villages

Studying assortative matching by gender in group formation in Zimbabwe

Results of a National Survey on Access to Financial Services in Uganda

Assessing demand, usage and access to financial services

Who Benefits From Regulation?

Assessing impact of the MDI Act on microfinance stakeholders in Uganda

The Enabling Environment for Mobile Banking in Africa

How can adequate regulation aid the progress of mobile banking in Africa?