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Capturing Our Impact: Harnessing Innovation for Financial Inclusion

E-book showcasing stories, videos and photos that illustrate the impact of digital innovation
Case study

Overview of Practical Challenges in Local Saving Mobilization by Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions

Identifying challenges faced by Ethiopian MFIs working for savings mobilization

Practical Issues in Local Saving Mobilization by MFIs

Highlighting issues encountered by Ethiopian MFIs attempting to mobilize savings

The Poor and Their Money: An Essay About Financial Services for Poor People

A better understanding of financial services for the poor can lead to better provision.

Whose Poverty Matters? Vulnerabilty, Social Protection and PRSPs

Assessing PRSPs and I-PRSPs developed to tackling poverty in low-income countries

Microfinance in Vietnam: A Survey of Schemes and Issues

How can microfinance institutions best expand into Vietnam's rural financial markets?

What is Pro-Poor Growth and Why Do We Need to Know?

Why is pro-poor growth important and how can it be measured?

Lessons from Ugandan Moneylenders

Lessons to be learnt from the operations of Ugandan moneylenders

Banking the Underserved: New Opportunities for Commercial Banks

This working paper explores the business case for banks serving the financial needs of the poor