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Little Data Book on Financial Development

Providing data on access to financial institutions and financial markets in 205 economies
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The Little Data Book on Financial Development 2014 is a pocket edition of the Global Financial Development Database, published as part of the work by the World Bank on the “Global Financial Development Report 2014: Financial Inclusion”. It contains 38 indicators of financial development in 205 economies, with populations greater than 30,000 and for smaller economies that are members of the World Bank. The book emphasizes on access indicators and, in particular, includes additional variables capturing different aspects of access to financial institutions. The data also aims at highlighting the multidimensional nature of financial systems. The book provides information on the following aspects: 

  • Size of financial institutions and markets (financial depth);
  • Degree to which individuals can and do use financial services (access);
  • Efficiency of financial intermediaries and markets in intermediating resources and facilitating financial transactions;
  • Stability of financial institutions;
  • Other indicators related to financial institutions and financial markets.

About this Publication

By Cihák, M., Farazi, S. & Cheraghlou, A.M.