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Supply-Side Gender Disaggregated Data for Advancing Financial Inclusion

This paper explores how supply-side gender-disaggregated data has been collected and used, mainly by financial sector authorities but also by providers, and the challenges and opportunities associated with this work.


What Women Say About Microfinance

This report offers an in-depth look at the impact of microfinance and financial services on women's financial resilience, access to finance, and on their businesses and households. 

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How Do You Know If You're Making an Impact? First, Get Better Data

As impact investors increasingly seek deeper impact measurement and reporting, MFIs need to up their game to show if and how their products and services drive positive changes in their clients’ businesses, lives, families, and communities.


Applying Privacy by Design to Inclusive Finance Product Design

This brief is intended for inclusive finance practitioners, discussing three key challenges for implementation of CFI's Privacy as Product playbook and attempts addressing these challenges.

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The Privacy as Product Playbook

This playbook, first-of-its-kind for the inclusive finance sector, aims to fill that gap and demonstrate a comprehensive way to integrate responsible data practices into the design process.


Call for Expression of Interest: Financial Inclusion 2.0

CGAP is looking for organizations that have access to substantial amounts of data linking the use of financial services to customer outcomes. 

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Exploring New Markets Through Disaggregated Customer Data

A new tool from the WSBI’s Scale2Save initiative makes public datasets in Nigeria more accessible for gathering customer data and insights.


Moving Markets Towards Open Finance

This paper summarizes open finance policy approaches globally, as well as the ways that government-controlled financial data can help catalyze open finance where industry is hesitant to lead.


The Gender Data Playbook for Women's Financial Inclusion

This playbook offers a step-by-step guide for financial ecosystem stakeholders on how to boost the systematic collection of high-quality, supply-side, sex-disaggregated financial data to drive women’s financial inclusion.

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Global Landscape: Data Trails of Digitally Included Poor (DIP) People

This reading deck puts a spotlight on the specific data trails generated by digitally included yet poor people, the sources of these data trails, and variations of data trails across different segmentations.