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External Webinar

The Need for Gender-Disaggregated Data in the Financial Sector

Join this discussion on the crucial role and benefits of gender-disaggregated data in advancing gender equality, exploring recent findings from IFC’s new report, Her Fintech Edge as well as CGAP’s work on Supply-Side Gender-Disaggregated Data in the Financial Sector.


The Role of Data in Inclusive Insurance

This paper identifies five ways in which data trails are being leveraged by private sector actors, including insurance carriers and technology providers, to offer “inclusive insurance” for low-income and other excluded segments, such as rural small-holder farmers and gig workers.

Guide / Toolkit

Open Finance Self-Assessment Tool and Development Roadmap

This technical guide introduces the open finance self-assessment tool and development roadmap. It provides practical tools for policymakers to use to decide whether to implement an open finance regime to advance financial inclusion.

FinDev Blog

Reshaping Realities for Women’s Financial Inclusion in Africa

As part of the #FinEquity2024 Annual Meeting blog series, we reflect on key takeaways from FinEquity Africa 2024 Convening, the first Convening for the FinEquity Africa Community of Practice.


The Building Blocks Supporting Open Finance

This working paper introduces the concept of an inclusive data ecosystem as one where low-income people’s data trails are used to improve their financial inclusion.


Leveraging Transactional Data for Micro and Small Enterprise Lending

This case study examines the data and experience of two fintechs in India that use different sets of transactional data for credit scoring.


2022 Trends in International Funding for Financial Inclusion

The 2022 CGAP Funder Survey looks at the latest trends in international funding for financial inclusion. Understanding the funding landscape can support better funding decisions and coordination, and ultimately lead to better outcomes for underserved people worldwide.


Supply-Side Gender Disaggregated Data for Advancing Financial Inclusion

This paper explores how supply-side gender-disaggregated data has been collected and used, mainly by financial sector authorities but also by providers, and the challenges and opportunities associated with this work.

FinDev Blog

How Do You Know If You're Making an Impact? First, Get Better Data

As impact investors increasingly seek deeper impact measurement and reporting, MFIs need to up their game to show if and how their products and services drive positive changes in their clients’ businesses, lives, families, and communities.


Applying Privacy by Design to Inclusive Finance Product Design

This brief is intended for inclusive finance practitioners, discussing three key challenges for implementation of CFI's Privacy as Product playbook and attempts addressing these challenges.