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Agricultural Value Chain Finance - a Guide for Bankers : Assessing and Managing Risk

AgriFin’s Agricultural Value Chain Finance Guide
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The Agricultural Value Chain Finance – A Guide for Bankers was developed by bankers for bankers. The Guide is a practical "how-to" toolkit, detailing the process of engaging in agricultural value chain finance. 

AgriFin developed the Guide in partnership with HDFC Bank, India, HBL Bank, Pakistan, and Bankaool, Mexico. It provides:

  • Practical, evidence-based guidance to financial institutions engaging in agricultural value chain finance (AVCF).
  • Comprehensive picture of agricultural value chains to enable financial institutions to adapt financial products to the specific demands of value chain actors.
  • Examples of field-tested AVCF products and procedures that have shown value or promise for financial institutions.

The AVCF Guide can be used by financial institutions' staff including senior management to understand the strategic benefits of value chain finance, heads of agricultural lending departments and their teams to implement value chain finance, other bank staff for training and self-study. The AVCF Guide is also useful for development professionals supporting agricultural finance projects.

This is Chapter 6: Assessing and Managing Risk. This step considers how credit assessment and risk management change when using a VCF approach, with the emphasis shifting from the individual farmer to the lead firm. In addition to evaluating the financial health of the firm, banks need to assess the firm’s relationship and capacity to manage collection and distribution functions within the chain. Differences between standalone loans and those in a VCF model are considered.

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