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State of Digital Payments in the Philippines - Highlights Report (2021 edition)


Improving Humanitarian Payments Through Digital Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities

This report offers research-based analysis and practical advice for humanitarian agencies on the advantages and areas for growth of five key financial technologies in digital payments: mobile money, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology (i.e. blockchain), super platforms and QR codes.


Digitizing Workers' Payments for Economic Recovery and Decent Work

This study offers a unique perspective by comparing concrete experiences of large companies to small and medium enterprises.


Reaching Financial Equality for Women

This 10-point action plan for governments and businesses shares practical steps to help end the continued economic exclusion of women through digital financial inclusion.


Digitizing Payments in Ghana’s Cocoa Supply Chain

This report shares key lessons and tools critical to launching and scaling responsible digital payments initiatives in Ghana’s cocoa value chain.


Sudan Embraces Digital Payments to Build a More Inclusive Economy

Sudan Joins United Nations’ Better Than Cash Alliance to Drive Financial Inclusion and Transparency

Case study

Saving Money, Saving Lives

This case study shares key lessons from Sierra Leone’s experience using digital payments to help combat the Ebola crisis and highlights the need for governments to take early action, in partnership with the humanitarian and development community and the private sector.


Building Inclusive Digital Payments Ecosystems: Guidance Note for Governments

Lessons drawn from policy development and implementation initiatives in several countries

The Role of Digital Payments in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Guide for APEC decision-makers for increasing digital payments