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Scaling Responsible Digital Payments in the Indonesian Cocoa Sector

For digital payments to be meaningful for farmers, the study finds that digitization needs to be strongly linked to access to a broader suite of financial services, to unlock farm investments and smooth day-to-day consumption. 


Make Recourse Clear, Quick and Responsive

This resource is meant for Better Than Cash Alliance members and partners aiming to fortify recourse mechanisms through policy evolution.


Call to Action: Responsible Digital Payments to Accelerate Climate Action

This publication calls for urgent measures to address climate vulnerability by expanding digital payments and digital public infrastructure and putting women, youth, indigenous peoples, and communities in fragile and climate-vulnerable areas at the center of adaptation planning.


Reaching Financial Equality for Women

This publication offers a 10-point action plan for governments, companies, and international organizations to help end women's economic exclusion.

Case Study

From 1% to 30%: the Journey of the Philippines Towards Responsible Digital Payments

This case study examines the success story of the Philippines by diving into the key decisions made by the government and private sector in accelerating the adoption of responsible digital payments.


Scaling up Responsible Digital Payments in the Rwandan Tea Sector

This report proposes an approach for scaling digital payments in the Rwandan tea sector building on the evolving payments ecosystem.


Igniting SDG Progress Through Digital Financial Inclusion

This edition of SDG Progress provides extensive evidence-based examples of the benefits of digital financial services for the 13 relevant Sustainable Development Goals with a stronger focus on women and climate change.

Guide / Toolkit

Implementation Guide for the G20 High-Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion

A guide and self-assessment tool for policymakers in various stages of digital development.


Responsible Digitization of Small Entrepreneurs in Rural India

This report presents key insights and opportunities from Hindustan Unilever Limited’s business-to-business Shakti digitization program to implement the UN Principles for Responsible Digital Payments and build scale.

Case Study

Colombia's Ingreso Solidario: Improving Social Protection Through Public-Private Collaboration and Responsible Digital Payment Practices as Part of COVID-19 Emergency Response

This case study illustrates how designing programs responsibly can result in greater trust in digital financial services, leading to greater volumes of digital transactions, and increased use of digital savings and e-commerce services.