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Guide / Toolkit

Implementation Guide for the G20 High-Level Principles for Digital Financial Inclusion

A guide and self-assessment tool for policymakers in various stages of digital development.


Responsible Digitization of Small Entrepreneurs in Rural India

This report presents key insights and opportunities from Hindustan Unilever Limited’s business-to-business Shakti digitization program to implement the UN Principles for Responsible Digital Payments and build scale.

Case Study

Colombia's Ingreso Solidario: Improving Social Protection Through Public-Private Collaboration and Responsible Digital Payment Practices as Part of COVID-19 Emergency Response

This case study illustrates how designing programs responsibly can result in greater trust in digital financial services, leading to greater volumes of digital transactions, and increased use of digital savings and e-commerce services.


Digitizing Payments Can Add $6.2 Billion to Bangladesh’s Annual GDP

The Government of Bangladesh, in partnership with the UN-based Better Than Cash Alliance, just launched its 2022-2025 National Digital Payments Roadmap – a call to action for key public and private sector actors to speed up responsible payment digitization to leave no one behind.


Bangladesh Digital Payments Country Diagnostic (2022 Edition)

This country analysis estimates that digital payments can boost Bangladesh’s annual GDP, and responsible payments digitization in certain sectors will help accelerate progress towards the SDGs by 2030.


Bangladesh’s National Digital Payments Roadmap 2022-2025

This study is designed to accelerate collaboration between the public and private stakeholders, presenting a framework for using new approaches and technologies to transform the payment ecosystem.


UN Principles for Responsible Digital Payments

This extensively consulted resource serves as a practical guide for governments, companies and international organizations embracing responsible digital payments in their journey to building trust, mitigating risks and driving inclusive economies.  


Towards Responsible Digitization of Merchants in Rural India for COVID-19 Recovery

These 10 recommendations aim to unlock the impact of fintech in merchant digitization, particular for women, and  to further India’s progress on achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


State of Digital Payments in the Philippines - Highlights Report (2021 edition)


Improving Humanitarian Payments Through Digital Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities

This report offers research-based analysis and practical advice for humanitarian agencies on the advantages and areas for growth of five key financial technologies in digital payments: mobile money, artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology (i.e. blockchain), super platforms and QR codes.