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PAYGo PERFORM: Financial, Operational, and Portfolio Quality KPIs for the PAYGo Solar Industry

Over the last decade, pioneering off-grid solar companies have demonstrated the potential of the pay-as-you-go (PAYGo) business model to expand access to energy and financial services among low-income households. The PAYGo Performance, Reporting and Measurement (PERFORM) framework, detailed in this technical guide, offers the PAYGo solar industry a standardized set of key performance indicators (KPIs). By adopting these KPIs, companies can track, benchmark, and improve performance while presenting a more accessible profile to investors, stimulating the capital investment needed for the sector to reach millions more households.

Developed by CGAPGOGLA, and IFC Lighting Global in consultation with some 600 investors, PAYGo executives, and experts in energy and financial inclusion around the world, the PAYGo PERFORM KPIs are designed to meet the needs of companies and funders (donors and investors). The intention is to define a set of simple yet adequate measures that collectively allow a clear and distinct profile of a PAYGo solar company to emerge. All PAYGo solar companies are encouraged to adopt the KPIs and work toward making them the industry standard.

PAYGo PERFORM KPIs Technical Guide

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By Nicky Khaki, Roan Borst, Kevin Kennedy , Max Mattern