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UNCDF Advanced Sustainable Energy Access in 2023

Through digital solutions and innovative financing mechanisms, UNCDF is ensuring that clean energy and cooking options are both affordable and attainable for the world's most vulnerable communities.

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PAYGo PERFORM: Industry Trends

This new report provides the first ever publicly available analysis of the overall financial health of the PAYGo sector using the indicators developed through the PAYGo PERFORM Initiative.

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Universal Energy Access Should be Financial Inclusion's Top Priority for Climate Action and Gender Equality


The Value of Pay-As-You-Go Solar for Mobile Operators: Insights From Customer Journeys in Benin and Côte d’Ivoire

Building on a 2020 GSMA study which showed that PAYG solar energy customers use mobile money significantly more than other mobile customers, this study looks at 120 in-depth interviews to understand the reasons behind customers' increased usage of mobile money.

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Harnessing the Potential of Inclusive Finance for Energy Access

Three key takeaways on developing green microfinance programs from experts at the SAM Conference.

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PAYGo Accounting Brief

This slide deck presents a review of accounting practices in the PAYGo sector with the goal of increasing awareness and transparency of the different accounting treatments used in PAYGo firms and their impact on financial reporting. 

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Can Insurance Make Small-Scale Solar Energy More Accessible?

Small-scale solar installations have been an important innovation to bring electricity to remote areas, but they face many risks which jeopardize their ability to provide a continuous energy supply. 

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PAYGo PERFORM: Financial, Operational, and Portfolio Quality KPIs for the PAYGo Solar Industry

This technical guide offers the PAYGo solar industry a standardized set of key performance indicators (KPIs) which allow companies to track, benchmark, and improve performance while presenting a more accessible profile to investors. The PAYGo PERFORM KPIs were developed by CGAP, GOGLA, and IFC Lighting Global in consultation with some 600 investors.


PAYGo PERFORM, Data Collection Pilot

This report presents the findings of a pilot aimed at testing and refining the PAYGo Performance, Reporting and Measurement (PERFORM) key performance indicators.


India’s LPG Cooking Gas Subsidy Reform

Lessons for policymakers in reducing costs and building acceptance for reform