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Gender-Aware Supervision Toolkit

Many governments, businesses, policymakers, and supervisory authorities understand the importance of gender and gender inclusion in our fast-evolving world. Yet for supervisory authorities, it is not always clear how gender and gender inclusion relate to their supervisory mandate and what they tangibly can do to promote great gender inclusion.

This toolkit was designed to assist financial supervisors from emerging markets with integrating gender dimensions into their supervisory practices. It is a practical, hands-on resource intended to highlight the relevance of gender inclusion and awareness to supervisory authorities and support them in taking their next steps towards more gender-aware supervision.

The toolkit is intended to help supervisory authorities at all levels of gender-awareness. The modular format allows supervisors to customize their learning based on their organization’s starting point - be it through step-by-step guidance on the foundational aspects of gender-awareness thinking, better harnessing technology to enhance existing practices and understandings, or integrating gender aspects in day-to-day supervision. The modules are designed to be flexed to account for different market, technological and regulatory contexts to ensure they are useful across a wide variety of institutional contexts.

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