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Responsible Finance Forum (RFF)

RFF convenes global stakeholders to assess and manage evolving consumer risks faced by financial systems and low-income people.

FinDev Blog

Reshaping Realities for Women’s Financial Inclusion in Africa

As part of the #FinEquity2024 Annual Meeting blog series, we reflect on key takeaways from FinEquity Africa 2024 Convening, the first Convening for the FinEquity Africa Community of Practice.


AFI’s Arab Region Policy Initiative Takes Shape

Through AFI’s Arab Region Financial Inclusion Policy Initiative, AFI members will share knowledge and support peers, helping to ensure the success of national initiatives while promoting harmonized regional policies.

Case Study

The Role Regulators Play in Closing the Financial Inclusion Gender Gap: A Case Study of the Dominican Republic

This case study offers an overview of the current state of women’s financial inclusion in the Dominican Republic.


Make Recourse Clear, Quick and Responsive

This resource is meant for Better Than Cash Alliance members and partners aiming to fortify recourse mechanisms through policy evolution.

Guide / Toolkit

Impact Assessment of Financial Service Providers: Market Conduct Risk-Based Supervision Guideline Note

This guideline note is meant to assist policymakers in developing impact assessment frameworks, under the MC-RBS umbrella and the overarching goals of financial consumer protection policy.


Call to Action: Responsible Digital Payments to Accelerate Climate Action

This publication calls for urgent measures to address climate vulnerability by expanding digital payments and digital public infrastructure and putting women, youth, indigenous peoples, and communities in fragile and climate-vulnerable areas at the center of adaptation planning.


Treasury Publishes Financial Inclusion Policy Framework for South Africa

The National Treasury yesterday published the Financial Inclusion Policy Framework for South Africa, titled “An Inclusive Financial Sector for All” following the endorsement and approval of the policy framework by Cabinet on 8 August 2023.


How Are Central Bank Mandates Evolving?

AFI and the Intergovernmental Group of 24 (G-24) body held a Central Bank Governors' Roundtable on the topic of the evolving mandates of central banks in October.

FinDev Blog

Mobile Money and Interoperability: Competition vs. Financial Inclusion?

A new study shows that interoperability has contrasting effects for financial inclusion in Africa. While it helps lower fees, it also reduces geographical coverage, so how to strike the right balance?