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Thailand's FINNIX App Leverages AI for Financial Inclusion

The FINNIX mobile app, which is regulated by the Bank of Thailand, was developed by MONIX and offers microfinance loans through a completely digital process from loan application to approval and disbursement.


Ngern Tid Lor PCL is IFC’s First Investment in a Non-Banking Financial Institution in Thailand to Support MSMEs

The investment aims to support a resilient recovery by promoting business growth, creating jobs, and fostering financial inclusion.


Thailand's Fintech Comes of Age

Ongoing shifts toward e-commerce, digital payments (including contactless), and instant payments have all been significantly boosted during the pandemic with real-time payments surging by 104 percent.


Thai Household Debt Skyrockets from Credit Cards, Loans and Car Loans

The Bank of Thailand has been asked to review the ceiling of interest rates and supervise credit cards, personal loans and car loans, as the Thai government has vowed to tackle high household debt, incurred by credit card and personal loans.


Digital Payments — Not Cash — Is Now King in Asia’s Payment Ecosystem

Notwithstanding border restrictions, the region’s digital payments ecosystem is growing as countries collaborate to connect their domestic payment systems.