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Central Bank Digital Currency – An Opportunity for Financial Inclusion in Developing and Emerging Economies?

This special report on central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and financial inclusion looks at the current state of financial inclusion across different developing and emerging economies, and identifies the main use cases CBDC can contribute to.

Case Study

Leveraging Digital ID and e-KYC for the Financial Inclusion of Forcibly Displaced Persons: Risks and Opportunities

This report discusses the challenges and bottlenecks preventing the wider adoption of digital ID and e-KYC to advance the financial inclusion of forcibly displaced persons in Rwanda, Mauritania, and Eswatini.


2022 AfPI Meetings and Leaders’ Roundtable Take Place in Arusha, Tanzania

The meetings of AFI members in Africa focus on how digitization of inclusive finance can ensure stability, growth and sustainability.


Integrating Digital Financial Services Into a National Financial Inclusion Strategy

This guideline note provides actionable guidance on how to properly integrate digital financial services into a national financial inclusion strategy to have a positive impact on end-users.


After Two-Year Hiatus, AFI Working Groups Meet in Person in Ecuador

With the global economy still in recovery from the pandemic, AFI members are intensifying efforts to accelerate effective, targeted and sustainable financial inclusion policy and regulatory solutions.


10 Fintech and Regtech Innovators Selected for the 2022 AFI Inclusive Fintech Showcase

Finalists will deliver a technical presentation of their innovations within a global audience of AFI member institutions, fintech experts and relevant stakeholders in virtual sessions across 12-13 April.


Inclusive Green Finance: From Concept to Practice

This study explores the overlaps of green finance and financial inclusion in addressing the issues of environmental change, financial stability, and social equity, and calls for the integration of both finance concepts into the emerging inclusive green finance (IGF) policy area.


Financial Consumer Protection During a Crisis

This Guideline Note provides policymakers and regulators with a helpful framework to develop effective consumer protection regulations, inclusive consumer awareness and financial education initiatives to plan for future crises.


Policy Framework on MSME Data Collection: A Guide for Gender Inclusive Finance

This Framework provides data collection guidance for MSME and gender inclusive finance, defines an extended set of MSME finance indicators, and shares best practices to advance financial inclusion for MSMEs.


Policy Framework on the Regulation, Licensing and Supervision of Digital Banks

This framework provides guidance to regulators and policymakers contemplating strategies regarding digital banks, with a view of promoting financial inclusion.