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Aden Bank for Microfinance Is to Launch Its Operations and Contribute to Achieving Financial Inclusion

The bank will work in partnership with local banks and financial institutions using best practices in microfinance for provision of Islamic banking services, and will apply an integrated system of financial and non-financial services to support value and supply chains for MSMEs.


Launching the Pilot Phase of Eamar Microfinance as the First Digital Microfinance Platform in Yemen

The initiative aims to help clients and communities by providing blended financial and non-financial digital services including advisory services, training and more to assure ease of access to e-money and transfers for its customers.


YCASH Enrolls in New Partnerships with Humanitarian Agencies and Deploys Humanitarian Transfers Platform and a National Digital Wallet

The Humanitarian Transfers Platform enables humanitarian agencies to execute transfers directly to their interventions beneficiaries without a third party.


YCASH Door to Door Payment Method as a Response for COVID-19 and Humanitarian Context in Yemen

The National Cash Transfer Company piloted the Door to Door Payment method as a response to the new challenging context and a preventive measure for coronavirus-related risks.


Remittances Dropped by 80 Percent in Yemen

Cash transfers from Yemenis abroad to their country have declined by 80 percent in the first four months of 2020, Oxfam announced on Thursday.


Remittances to Yemen Plummet as Needs Surge Amid War and Coronavirus

The World Bank estimates that one in ten people in Yemen wholly rely on money transfers to meet their basic needs. Remittances to Yemen in 2019 totaled $3.8 billion - 13% of GDP.