Below, you will find a list of recent blog posts and opinion pieces published by different organizations responding to COVID-19. 

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Postal Remittances Are Not Immune to a Pandemic
Saleh Khan  | 22 April | FinDev Gateway

Urgent: A Rescue Plan for the Microfinance Sector
Ira Lieberman & Paul DiLeo | 21 April | FinDev Gateway

Research During a Pandemic: Leaner and Faster Poverty Measurement in the Time of COVID-19
Elliott Collins & John Branch | 21 April | Next Billion

Keeping the Blood Flowing: Managing Liquidity When Clients Need Deposits
Daniel Rozas & Sam Mendelson | 20 April |

How Education Lending MFIs Are Responding to COVID-19
Mathieu Fourn & Lukas Wellen | 20 April | Center for Financial Inclusion

Insurance in the Age of COVID-19: The Pandemic Highlights the Need for a New Approach
Kate Rinehart-Smit
 | 20 April | Next Billion

Social Distancing Places a Premium on Mobile Checking and Payments
Michael Diamond | 20 April | PaymentsSource

The SDGs Are Falling Short on African Poverty: SME Investment Could be a Game Changer
Trevor Hambayi | 17 April | Next Billion

A Race Against Time: Why We Need Innovation and Evidence to Address COVID-19's Economic Impacts
Radha Rajkotia | 17 April | Innovation for Poverty Action (IPA)


Sector Response

The Best Laid Plans...CGAP's Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Greta Bull | 16 April | CGAP

How a Microfinance Network Has Changed Customer and Staff Engagement During COVID-19
Andrée Simon | 15 April | The Center for Financial Inclusion

COVID-19 Exposes Risks and Opportunities in Kenya's Gig Economy
Josephine Kibe, Rani Deshpande & Lucy Kaaria | 15 April | CGAP

Liquidity Before Solvency: A Guide for Microfinance Investors in the Time of COVID-19
Daniel Rozas | 14 April | Next Billion

Keeping the Patient Alive: Adapting Crisis Rubrics for a COVID World
14 April |

The Economies Have Been Hit Already—We Now Need Palliatives and Ultimately Cures
14 April | Akhand Tiwari, Doreen Ahimbisibwe, Agnes Salyanty, Manoj Pandey, Rahul Chatterjee & Rahmatika Febrianti | MSC

Treating Staff Responsibly During the Pandemic: Three Things to Do Today
10 April | Leah Wardle, SPTF


Digital Finance and Fintech

Disrupting Fintech: Four Ways Early-Stage Firms Are Adapting to Deal With the Effects of COVID-19
16 April | MIX

3 COVID-19 Digital Transformations Financial Institutions Must Act On
David Donovan |  15 April | The Financial Brand

The Role of DFS Agents During the COVID-19 Crisis
15 April | Caribou Digital


Funding Landscape

What’s a Donor to Do? The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on the Poor
Michael Tarazi | 12 April | CGAP


Social Protection

How Social Protection Can Help Countries Cope With COVID-19
Michal Rutkowski | 15 April | World Bank

Cash Transfers Lead the Social Assistance Response to COVID-19
Sara Jerving | 14 April | Devex


Rural Agricultural Finance

Poverty and food insecurity could grow dramatically as COVID-19 spreads
16 April | By David Laborde, Will Martin And Rob Vos | International Food Policy Research Institute

The Imminent Crisis for Rural Livelihoods, Agricultural Trade, and Food Security
14 April | Rural & Agricultural Finance Learning Lab

Financial Scams Rise as Coronavirus Hits Developing Countries
David Medine | 09 April | CGAP 

Three Principles to Help Financial Cooperatives Weather the COVID-19 Storm
Dave Grace | 08 April 2020 | International Credit Union Regulators’ Network (ICURN) 

Flatten the Curve without Flattening the Economy: How to Stop COVID-19 from Causing Another Catastrophe for Health in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
Lorcan Clarke, Kalipso Chalkidou and Francis Ruiz | 06 April 2020 | Center for Global Development

How Should FSPs Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Mayada El-Zoghbi | 02 April 2020 | Center for Financial Inclusion

Five Ways COVID-19 is Changing Global Migration
Erol Yeyboke | 25 March 2020 | Center for Strategic and International Studies

Sector Response

How Will Last-Mile Distributors Adapt to and Survive the COVID-19 Crisis?
Emma Colenbrander | 09 April 2020 | Next Billion 

Protecting Advans’ Staff and Clients During the COVID-19 Crisis
Steven Duchatelle & Grégoire Danel-Fédou |  06 April | Advans

How BRAC Microfinance is responding to the coronavirus outbreak in Bangladesh
Shams Azad | 05 April | BRAC

Continuity in a Crisis: Exploring Reactions to the COVID-19 Outbreak Among Providers of Financial Services for Low-Income Women
Andy Woolnough, and Ade Ashaye | 2 April 2020 | Women’s World Banking 

When “Stay at Home” Means “Starve at Home”
Larry Reed | Soul of Finance 

A Candid Discussion With Financial Sector Leaders: How Can We Support Staff, Clients and Sustain Operations in This Time of Crisis?
03 April | Amarante Consulting

Building Resilience

COVID-19 and Fragile Places: Building Resilience to a Pandemic
Olga Petryniak & Jon Kurtz | 09 April 2020 | Thompson Reuters Foundation News  

Lessons Learned from Ebola: Thoughts from the Field
Jason Hopps | IFC Inisight

Resources for MFIs and Investors: What We’ve Learned from Past Shocks and Crises
24 March 2020 | Financial Access Initiative

Digital Finance 

Responding to Crisis With Digital Payments for Social Protection: Short-term Measures With Long-term Bbenefits
Michal Rutkowski, Alfonso Garcia Mora, Greta L. Bull,  Boutheina Guermazi & Caren Grown | 31 March 2020 | World Bank

Putting Digital Payments to Work in the Time of COVID-19
Ruth Goodwin-Groen | 31 March, 2020 | Better than Cash Alliance 

As Governments Turn to Digital Payments to Cushion Coronavirus’s Blow, New Report Finds Many Developing Countries Not Ready
31 March 2020 | Center for Global Development 

Distribute Cash, not COVID-19: Five Ways Policymakers in Sub-Saharan Africa Can Provide Cash Transfers Safely
Martin Gould & Nate Vernon | 6 April 2020 | Next Billion

Remittances in Times of the Coronavirus – Keep Them Flowing
Alfonso Garcia Mora & Michal Rutkowski | 03 April 2020 | World Bank

Pandemics and Natural Disasters: What Can We Learn from Past Disasters to Help with Today’s Pandemic?

Mayada El-Zoghbi | 27 March 2020 | Center for Financial Inclusion

How Microfinance Can Help Investors Keep Calm and Carry On
Blog by Philipp Müller, Head of Investment Solutions | 27 March 2020 | BlueOrchard

COVID-19: How Does Microfinance Weather the Coming Storm?
Blog by Greta Bull & Timothy Ogden | 25 Mar 2020 | CGAP

How the PAYGo Solar Sector Can Prepare for the Coronavirus and Keep the Lights on

Blog by Jacob Winiecki & Dan Waldron | 25 March 2020 | BFA Global

Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Push Africa’s Mobile Money Markets to the Next Level?
Blog by Jill Lagos Shemin | 25 March 2020 | Next Billion

Africa Turns to Mobile Payments as a Tool to Curb COVID-19
Opinion by Jake Bright | 25 March  2020 | TechCrunch 

Resources for MFIs and Investors: What We’ve Learned from Past Shocks and Crises

Blog by Financial Access Initiative | 24 March 2020

Coronavirus, Economic Meltdown And The World of Impact: Insights From Allie Burns of Village Capital
Interview with Allie Burns, CEO of Village Capital | 20 March 2020 | Forbes

Virus Lockdown is a $28 Billion Gig-Loan Buster
Opinion by Andy Mukherjee | 18 March 2020 | Bloomberg

Can Financial Inclusion Moderate Impacts of Coronavirus?
Blog by Eric Noggle | 18 March 2020 | Center for Financial Inclusion 

How COVID-19 Could Be Like the Global Financial Crisis (Or Worse)
Blog by Nora Lustig and Jorge Mariscal | 18 March 2020 | Center for Global Development

Now More Than Eever We Need Fintechs to Lead on Consumer Transparency
Opinion, Nik Milanovic | 17 March 2020 | TechCrunch  

The Markets are Collapsing: Will Microfinance Save Us Again?
Blog by Durreen Shahnaz | 16 March 2020 | IIX Global

How Will COVID-19 Affect Women and Girls in Low- and Middle-Income Countries?
Blog by David Evans |  16 March 2020 | Center for Global Development

Coronavirus Will Be Even Worse For Low-Income People And Businesses, But Fintechs Can Help
Opinion by Vikas Raj | 13 March 2020 | Forbes

COVID-19: The Gendered Impacts of the Outbreak
Comment by Clare Wenham, Julia Smith, Rosemary Morgan | 06 March 2020 | The Lancet Journal