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External Webinar

Financial Inclusion Week (FIW) 2024: Financing the Future – Shaping the Next Decade of Inclusive Finance

This year’s event will present an industry-wide opportunity to reflect on how the inclusive finance sector has evolved over the past decade and what we need to do next to serve the nearly 2 billion people that remain excluded from the formal financial system. 


Responsible DPI for Improving Outcomes Beyond Inclusion

Amid the enthusiasm to expand and scale digital public infrastructure (DPI) models to dozens of new markets, this report explores the opportunities for DPI to be built and deployed responsibly for three fundamental elements of financial inclusion: identity (ID), payments, and consent-based data exchanges. 


Registration Now Open for Responsible Finance Forum July 2-3 in Fortaleza, Brazil

Registration is now open for the annual Responsible Finance Forum (RFF) event, convened by the Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion, which will take place July 2-3, 2024 in Fortaleza, Brazil. 


Positive Friction for Responsible Digital Lending: A Call to Action

This report explores how strategically adding friction to digital financial services can benefit both lenders and borrowers.


Applying Privacy by Design to Inclusive Finance Product Design

This brief is intended for inclusive finance practitioners, discussing three key challenges for implementation of CFI's Privacy as Product playbook and attempts addressing these challenges.

Guide / Toolkit

The Privacy as Product Playbook

This playbook, first-of-its-kind for the inclusive finance sector, aims to fill that gap and demonstrate a comprehensive way to integrate responsible data practices into the design process.


Sending Cash Transfers to Women: How to Design Programs that Enhance Well-Being While Safeguarding Against Intimate Partner Violence

This report examines existing evidence on the impact of cash transfers on intimate partner violence against women and proposes design approaches to mitigate and minimize those risks.


Prompts for Equitable Artificial Intelligence in Inclusive Finance

This research presents some of the key challenges with building accountability and transparency for AI in inclusive finance.


Investing in Equitable AI for Inclusive Finance

This publication gives an overview of the use cases of AI in inclusive finance and some of the drivers of harmful AI bias towards women.


Call for Session Proposals for Financial Inclusion Week 2023

CFI invites members of the inclusive finance community to submit proposals for conversations, debates, panels, videos, and other types of creative sessions that raise hard questions about how the inclusive finance community can adapt while keeping consumers at the center.