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A PACT to Promote Resilience

This publication explains the four dimensions of the measurement PACT framework - Preparedness, Access, Capability, and Ties, and how fintechs support customers within them. 


Platforms, Livelihoods, and Inclusive Finance

This publication provides an overview of the increasing interconnectedness of platforms and financial service offerings and how platforms can push the frontiers of inclusive finance.


Responsible Social Protection: Lessons From COVID-19 Digital Cash Transfers

This publication uncovers consumer risks arising from the rapidly digitizing G2P programs aimed at the most vulnerable in society, most of whom have no prior experience with digital technology or the formal financial system.


Insights From the 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 Applicant Pool

This report examines application data from nearly 300 eligible fintech applicants from the 2021 Inclusive Fintech 50 competition to better understand the state of early-stage fintechs.

Online Learning -

Financial Inclusion Week 2022


Better Practice Guidance on Women’s Digital Financial Capability

This document outlines four steps to work through when designing approaches to women’s digital financial capability: Diagnose, Design, Deliver, and Document.


The Center for Financial Inclusion Invites Submissions for Financial Inclusion Week 2021

Financial Inclusion Week 2021 will be convened under the theme, "Inclusive Finance: Driving Prosperity in an Era of Uncertainty."


Normative Constraints to Women’s Financial Inclusion: What We Know and What We Need to Know

This paper brings together the evidence of what is known on norms and financial inclusion and uses cases to demonstrate aspects of and approaches to addressing discriminatory norms throughout the financial system.


Building Women’s Financial Capability: A Path Toward Transformation

This publication examines how best to share information, build financial capability and enable lasting behavior change in a context in which women may have limited say in their own economic choices.


Weathering the Storm II: Tales of Survival From Microfinance Crises Past

This publication shares lessons learned from 16 institutions that dealt with crises, framed by a four-part hierarchy of needs: liquidity, confidence, portfolio, and capital.