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USAID Launches Rural Financial Inclusion Program in Guatemala

As part of the program, USAID will provide an initial investment of over $6 million to launch a Feed the Future rural financial inclusion program in Guatemala.


Prompts for Equitable Artificial Intelligence in Inclusive Finance

This research presents some of the key challenges with building accountability and transparency for AI in inclusive finance.


Investing in Equitable AI for Inclusive Finance

This publication gives an overview of the use cases of AI in inclusive finance and some of the drivers of harmful AI bias towards women.


Promoting Fair Competition in the Digital Economy

This brief is intended for USAID staff and partners whose development programs (fintech, e-commerce, data centers, digital agriculture, etc.) are impacted by competition within the digital economy, a critical component to achieving an inclusive, open, and secure digital ecosystem.

Guide / Toolkit

Digital Finance Campaign Replication Guide

This Replication Guide shares an overview of a proven, evidence-based solution to a specific development challenge, and then provides steps on how to replicate it with a goal to increase the digital financial capabilities and decision-making skills of women.


Digital Financial Literacy Campaign: Final Report

This publication shares an overview of Digital Financial Literacy Campaign Activity designed to increase the digital financial literacy and decision making skills of women so that they can effectively use digital financial services. 


Examining Virtual Currencies: Risks and Uncertainties of a Novel Payment Technology in International Development

This exploratory brief discusses the implications that virtual currencies, and to a lesser extent central bank-issued digital currencies, might pose for stakeholders in international development contexts. 

Guide / Toolkit

USAID Digital Payments Toolkit 2020

This Toolkit is designed to be used by organizations regardless of their experience with digital payments and to inspire and enable organizations new to digital payments to make the switch.


Assessment of the Gender Gap in Access to Digital Financial Services in Burkina Faso

This research explores the role that digital financial services can play in making female entrepreneurs more resilient and the conditions that permit greater DFS access and use among women.

Guide / Toolkit

Fintech Partnerships Playbook: How Donors Can Pursue Private Sector Engagement to Strengthen Digital Finance Ecosystems

This playbook aims to assist USAID staff, development practitioners, and donor stakeholders—to brainstorm and develop projects that take a purpose-driven approach to private sector engagement in digital finance.