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Deconstructing Drop-Out: Uncovering the Reasons Behind Attrition among Village-Banking Microfinance Clients

Analysis of the impact stories of 59 clients from seven countries and MFIs

Client Outcome Performance (COPE) Indicators Database and Instructions

Tool for compiling, monitoring and analyzing MFI clients' poverty levels and other data
Case study

Empowering Access to Improved Sanitation: Project Evaluation Report for Movimiento Manuela Ramos

Promoting access to sanitation facilities through an integrated microfinance program
Case study

Pilot Project Report: Using Mobile Money to Link Savings Groups to Financial Institutions

Sharing insights from a pilot project promoting the use of mobile money as a savings tool
Case study

A Study on the Use and Benefits of Technology to Promote Youth Savings

Using technology to encourage savings among youth

From One Generation to the Next: The Role of Parents in the Financial Inclusion of Young People

Understanding how parents can influence the financial behavior of youth

What Drives Performance of Successful Women Microentrepreneurs in Mexico? A Qualitative Portrait of Positive Deviants and Typical Microentrepreneurs

Identifying success factors among women microentrepreneurs in Mexico