Understanding Resilience Among Households in Rural Burkina Faso: Formative Research Summary

Discussing the meaning of resilience and its determinants among rural households

This research brief summarizes the results obtained from the formative research phase of a study undertaken by Freedom from Hunger, with support from CGAP. The research aims to understand how households in rural Burkina Faso manage economic, environmental, and health shocks. It also aims to assess what roles formal, nonformal, and informal financial products play in improving household resilience. A total of 15 focus-group discussions with 116 clients (28 men and 88 women) across ten villages served by two of the organization’s partners participated in the formative research. The brief seeks to answer the following three questions:

  • How do households define resilience?
  • What type of shocks have households faced in the last five to ten years and how did they cope with them?
  • What financial services are used for specific financial stresses and shocks and how does this vary between men and women?

About this Publication

By Gray, B. & Gash, M.