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FSD Network Green Finance Strategy Development


Never Waste a Crisis: How Sub-Saharan African Insurers Are Being Affected By, and Are Responding To, COVID-19

Equipping insurers and regulators to embrace and adopt innovation

Applying a Market Systems Approach to Savings Groups

Analysis of the weaknesses of the current Savings Group system and a proposal for improvement

State of Practice: Savings Groups and the Dynamics of Inclusion

Identifying effective strategies to improve outcomes for vulnerable populations in Savings Groups

Refugees and Their Money: The Business Case for Providing Financial Services to Refugees

Assessing demand, supply and regulatory considerations for refugees in Rwanda

Digital and E-learning Solutions for Financial Services Providers in Sub-Saharan Africa: An Overview

Identifying the capacity building needs of financial service providers

The Art of Market Facilitation: Learning from the Financial Sector Deepening Network

Seven case studies along with guidelines on an effective market systems approach

Financing the Frontier: Inclusive Financial Sector Development in Fragility-Affected States in Africa

Facing new challenges to inclusive finance in the region with a market systems approach

Credit on the Cusp: Strengthening Credit Markets for Upward Mobility in Africa

How credit can help support the emergence of a middle class

Seeking Sustainable Change in Africa's Financial Systems

How can various sectors catalyze profitable growth for underserved segments?