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State of Practice: Savings Groups and the Dynamics of Inclusion

Identifying effective strategies to improve outcomes for vulnerable populations in Savings Groups

An Empirical Risk Assessment of Savings Groups

What are the main risks Savings Group members face and how can they be managed?

The SILC Financial Diaries: Expanding Financial Inclusion in Africa Research Program

Understanding the financial habits of poor households in Zambia

Exploring the Success of EFI’s Pro-Poor Package in Senegal and Uganda

Has the "Expanding Financial Inclusion in Africa" program achieved deeper poverty outreach?
Guide / Toolkit

Private Service Provider: Implementation Manual

Providing practitioners with an approach to implement PSP projects in savings and credit groups

How Savings-led Microfinance has Improved Chickpea Marketing in the Lake Zone of Tanzania

Helping small farmers through savings-led microfinance

Savings and Internal Lending Communities – SILC: Voices from Africa

Highlighting the effectiveness of savings-led microfinance groups

Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC): The Key to Helping Zimbabwean Youth Overcome Poverty

Experiences introducing savings and internal lending to vulnerable children

Facilitating Financial Linkages for Smallholder Producers in Nicaragua

Linking borrowers and lenders through external intermediaries
Case Study

Empowering Rwanda Youth through Savings-led Microfinance

Introducing savings-led microfinance methodology to orphans and vulnerable children