Evidence Review on the Role of Male Engagement in Women’s Economic Empowerment Programs

In partnership with graduate student researchers from Brigham Young University (BYU), and leveraging Grameen Foundation’s own literature review, this evidence review presents four differ­ent reports outlining the current research and evidence regarding the role of male engagement in women’s economic empowerment (WEE). The first report (Evidence Review Summary) seeks to summarize key findings found in existing literature as well as readings that are influencing the work of Grameen Foundation, and that of our technical and in-country partners.

The final three reports were developed by BYU graduate student researchers. Aleson and Ricks present positive outcomes that result from increasing a woman’s intra-household bargaining power and the male role in this transformation. Barham and Schenk draw on evidence from several middle- and low-income countries to demonstrate the most effective methods to integrate men at the household, community, and policy levels. Finally, Sheranian and Taylor provide a unique country-specific approach to women’s empowerment by recommending various interventions to improve male engagement.

About this Publication

By Jenna Smith, Benjamin Crookston, Bobbi Gray, Emily Aleson, Shannon Barham, Rachel Ricks, Charisse Schenk, Emma Sheranian & Mary Taylor