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Leveraging Customer Complaints Data to Monitor Consumer Protection in Mobile Services in Uganda

This report summarizes the key findings and recommendations from IPA's work with the Uganda Communications Commission analyzing complaint records of mobile financial services users.


Social Media Usage by Digital Finance Consumers

This project analysis provides insights into the types of consumer protection issues faced by consumers across financial providers in Kenya, Nigeria, and Uganda.


Open Request for Proposals: Consumer Protection Research Initiative

The Initiative will accept proposals for full and pilot projects which use randomized controlled trial evaluation to assess the impact of a consumer protection intervention or market monitoring tool.


The Impact of Emergency Cash Assistance in a Pandemic

Experimental evidence from Colombia


Effects of a Universal Basic Income During the Pandemic

Can cash transfers mitigate the impact on poor families during the crisis?

Building Resilience Through Financial Inclusion: A Review of Existing Evidence and Knowledge Gaps

What do we know about the role financial services play in low-income families' resilience?

Nudges for Financial Health: Global Evidence for Improved Product Design

Exploring three key product design solutions for improving financial health

Women’s Economic Empowerment Through Financial Inclusion: A Review of Existing Evidence and Remaining Knowledge Gaps

What do we know about the impact of different financial products on outcomes for women?

Beyond the Classroom: Evidence on New Directions in Financial Education

How can financial education design and targeting help to change financial behavior?

Eliminating Extreme Poverty: Comparing the Cost-Effectiveness of Livelihood, Cash Transfer, and Graduation Approaches

Comparative analysis of three strands of anti-poverty social protection interventions