Guide / Toolkit

Translating Digital Credit Transaction Data Into Consumer Protection Supervision

This toolkit is aimed at addressing the opportunities and challenges of using digital credit transaction data for consumer protection market monitoring. The introduction explains the reasons for consumer protection supervision, the advantages and limitations of administrative data for supervision, as well as organizational prerequisites for its use.

The toolkit is organized into major sections that detail a distinct set of tools important to using transaction data for market monitoring:

  1. Outlines how digital credit transaction data can be analyzed to monitor consumer protection issues.
  2. Presents data security issues associated with an information request and recommends tools for keeping data safe within this process.
  3. Builds on the analysis and data security tools in the previous sections by providing a guide for obtaining data and is supplemented with example documents in the supplemental Appendices.
  4. Includes an extensive checklist that will help guide users in executing the data research process based on the suggested steps in this toolkit.

About this Publication

By Daniel Putman