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Financial Reconstruction in Conflict and 'Post-Conflict' Economies

Is there a blueprint for financial reconstruction in conflict and 'post-conflict' economies?

Fine-grain Finance: Financial Choice and Strategy Among the Poor in Rural North India

Why are there limited opportunities for formal microfinance service providers?

Chronic Poverty: Meanings and Analytical Frameworks

An overview of the meaning of ‘"chronic poverty’", and identifying frameworks for analysis

Some Lessons for Regulation from Recent Bank Crises

How can the probability of banking crises be reduced?

Finance in Conflict and Reconstruction

Can reduction in war-finance encourage peace?

Financial Regulation in Developing Countries

How have financial reforms worked in less developed economies? What further steps should be taken?

Financial Sector Regulation: The Lessons of the Asian Crisis

What are the links between financial instability and economic slumps?

Financial Services for the Poor and Poorest: Deepening Understanding to Improve Provision

Reviews the achievements of the 'microfinance revolution' at the end of the twentieth century

The Implications of WTO and GATS for the Banking Sector in Africa

What is the likely impactsof global trade and services regulation on the banking industry in Africa?