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Impact of COVID-19 on the Yemeni Economy

How the drop in remittances affected economic sectors, food systems, and households


COVID-19, Government Transfer Payments, and Investment Decisions in Farming Business: Evidence from Northern India

Assessing the impact of public transfer programs on farmers dealing with the COVID shock


Loan Demand and Rationing Among Small-Scale Farmers in Nigeria

Examining factors limiting loan demand among small-scale farmers in Nigeria
Case study

Impact of Access to Credit on Income and Food Security in Malawi

Does access to formal credit enable households to reduce their borrowing from informal sources?

The Role of the State in Promoting Microfinance Institutions

What is the role of the state in promoting microfinance institutions?

Determinants of Household Access to and Participation in Formal and Informal Credit Markets in Malawi

Does composition or total value of household assets determine household access to formal credit?

Distribution, Growth, and Performance of Microfinance Institutions in Africa, Asia, and Latin America

Analyzing the distribution, growth, and performance of MFIs supported by donor organizations

Rural Finance for Food Security for the Poor: Implications for Research and Policy

Can financial services for the poor help them overcome fundamental food and income insecurities?