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Impact of COVID-19 on the Yemeni Economy

How the drop in remittances affected economic sectors, food systems, and households


COVID-19, Government Transfer Payments, and Investment Decisions in Farming Business: Evidence from Northern India

Assessing the impact of public transfer programs on farmers dealing with the COVID shock


Loan Demand and Rationing Among Small-Scale Farmers in Nigeria

Examining factors limiting loan demand among small-scale farmers in Nigeria

Rural Finance for Food Security for the Poor: Implications for Research and Policy

Can financial services for the poor help them overcome fundamental food and income insecurities?

An Operational Tool for Evaluating Poverty Outreach of Development Policies and Projects

Examining tool that offers an objective and effective method for poverty evaluation

Group-based Financial Institutions for the Rural Poor in Bangladesh: An Institutional- and Household-Level Analysis

Do NGOs target their services in underdeveloped regions or do they locate in better endowed areas?

New Approaches to Crop Yield Insurance in Developing Countries

How can credit and crop insurance work together for the benefit of both farmers and government?

Rural Finance and Poverty Alleviation

Does the formal sector have lessons to learn from the informal sector?

Rural Financial Policies for Food Security of the Poor: Methodologies for a Multi-country Research Project

Identifying policies and institutional arrangements for access to savings and credit systems