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Lessons from Farming Households: Agricultural Decision Making and Shifting Social Norms for Women’s Economic Empowerment

What are the operational implications for encouraging greater engagement of women in agriculture and finance?

NTF4Ag: Emerging Lessons and New Frontiers

Key insights on the potential of non-traditional financial services to catalyze agricultural innovation adoption by smallholders

Redefining Finance for Agriculture: Green Agricultural Credit for Smallholders in Peru

Identifying the gaps and opportunities to scale up green agriculture

Experiences in Gender-Sensitive Solutions to Collateral Constraints

How the use of non-conventional collateral can contribute to improved access to affordable credit

A Customer Centric Lens for Good Agricultural Practices

Tailoring products and services to the specific needs of smallholder farmers

Microcredit and Agriculture: How to Make it Work

Factors affecting the success of financial service institutions for agricultural activities

The Changing Role of Foreign Direct Investment in Microfinance Capital and Measurement of Financial and Social Performance

Overview of current trends in microfinance capital markets

Impact of HIV-AIDS on Microfinance with a Case Study on HIV/AIDS Mitigation

This paper examines the impact of HIV/AIDS on MFIs and their clients in Mozambique

Using a Subsector Development Methodology to Improve the Effectiveness of Agricultural Lending

Mitigating risks for successful agricultural finance

Basic Financial Management and Ratio Analysis for MFIs Toolkit

Training managers in basic financial management and ratio analysis for MFIs