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RESCHEDULED: Regional Microfinance Training Bootcamp 2020


Loan Officers’ Voices: Perspectives and Lessons from the Foot Soldiers

Highlighting the human capital component that is essential for a microfinance provider

Identifying Good Social Performance Management Practices

Focusing on three of the Universal Standards for Social Performance Management

Risks to Microfinance in Pakistan: Findings from a Risk Assessment Survey - 2014

Identifying and ranking risks faced by the microfinance sector in Pakistan

Client Protection: The State of Practice – A Look at Client Protection Practices in Pakistan’s Microfinance Industry

Improving client protection practices in Pakistan’s microfinance industry

Pakistan Microfinance Review 2013

Discussing the performance of Pakistan's microfinance sector in 2013

Efficiency, Productivity, Risk and Profitability of Microfinance Industry in Pakistan: A Statistical Analysis

Assessing factors impacting the performance of microfinance providers in Pakistan

Financing Low Cost Private Schools through Microfinance

Examining provision of finance and technical assistance to low cost private schools in Pakistan

Emerging Issues for National Microfinance Associations

What functions are national associations suited for?