Women Entrepreneurs in Ethiopia

Why do women entrepreneurs not fare well in Ethiopia?
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The purpose of this research report is to consolidate and distil lessons drawn from earlier literature on factors affecting women entrepreneurs in Ethiopia.

The report:

  • Examines existing literature on the micro and small enterprise (MSE) sector, on gender and on women entrepreneurs;
  • Recognizes the contribution that microenterprises can make to the socio-economic empowerment of women;
  • Aims to identify the constraints that hinder the growth of the MSE sector in Ethiopia;
  • Reviews:
    • The factors that influence the growth and development of MSEs;
    • The experience of women entrepreneurs in Ethiopian MSEs.

The report finds the following reasons for the low representation of women in Ethiopian MSEs:

  • Low levels of education and training;
  • Too much time spent in household work;
  • Lack of contact with the business world;
  • Meager financial and human capital;
  • Issues relating to ownership rights.

The report considers the appropriate enabling environment for a successful enterprise in Ethiopia at the micro, meso and macro-levels and discusses the accessibility, outreach, sustainability and relevance of financial and non-financial support services.

The report finds:

  • Inadequate Empirical Research on Women in MSEs;
  • Lack of:
    • Appropriate Technology;
    • Strong Organizations for Women Entrepreneurs;
    • Co-ordination Among Business Development Service (BDS) Providers;
    • Access to Land, markets and information.

The report concludes with a mention of pro-active measures that the government of Ethiopia has taken for the development of the MSE sector and to expedite the development process with attention to gender sensitivities.

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