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Social Finance Fellowship

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Social Finance Consultant


ILO and KfW Join Forces to Empower Iraqi Small and Medium Enterprises and Foster Inclusive Growth

A new joint program will work to unlock access to sustainable finance, especially for young and women entrepreneurs.


Digital Wages for Decent Work in Kenya

This research brief analyzes the potential for responsible digital wage payments in Kenya.


Advancing Livelihoods Through Financial Inclusion in Iraq

This report provides an overview of the target market and enabling environment for the financial services industry in Iraq.


ILO and UNCDF Collaborate to Grow Parametric Insurance in the Pacific

This new partnership aims to build the capacity of insurers and distribution channels on disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation.


Promoting Responsible Digital Wage Payments

This brief gives an overview of the different considerations to maximize the potential of digital wage payments to benefit workers, employers, and governments.


Cooperatives and Sse Enterprises Respond to COVID-19 Disruptions, While Governments Are Also Starting to Integrate Them in Their Measures

While some governments have begun to integrate cooperatives, their members, workers and the wider SSE in their emergency response strategies, there is still room for growth.


Financial Inclusion and Health: How the Financial Services Industry is Responding to Health Risks

Developing products and services to tackle health needs