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Cooperatives and Sse Enterprises Respond to COVID-19 Disruptions, While Governments Are Also Starting to Integrate Them in Their Measures

While some governments have begun to integrate cooperatives, their members, workers and the wider SSE in their emergency response strategies, there is still room for growth.


Financial Inclusion and Health: How the Financial Services Industry is Responding to Health Risks

Developing products and services to tackle health needs

Exploring the Linkages Between Youth Financial Inclusion and Job Creation: Evidence From the ILO School-to-Work Transition Surveys

Analysis of new data on youth access to finance and employment

Microfinance for Decent Work – Enhancing the Impact of Microfinance: Evidence from an Action Research Programme

Evaluating the use of a microfinance-plus approach to enhance social impact and performance of MFIs

Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Development Interventions for Women-Entrepreneurs: An ILO-WED Issue Brief

Designing suitable interventions for women’s entrepreneurship development
Case study

Building Health Insurance and Microfinance in India

Evaluating the influence of adverse selection on health insurance in developing countries

The Demand for Risk-Managing Financial Services in Low-Income Communities: Evidence from Zambia

Formal insurance is not a preferred risk-management tool among the poor in Zambia

Monitoring Guidelines for Semi-formal Financial Institutions Active in Small Enterprise Finance

Highlighting the need to implement an effective monitoring system

Securing Small Loans: The Transaction Costs of Taking Collateral

How can traditional collateralisation be made more efficient?

On the Theory of Credit Co-operatives: Equity and Onlending in a Multi-tier System

How have credit co-operatives performed as financial service providers?