Development Best Practices in Credit Union Supervision: Operational Management Duties and Responsibilities

The role and responsibilities of operational management in a credit union
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This paper discusses the role of operational management in credit union functioning and details the duties and responsibilities of a union manager. It offers guidelines on the:

  • Role of the General Manager in a credit union;
  • Skills required by the General Manager;
  • Guidelines for the manager recruitment;
  • Duties and responsibilities of the manager such as:
    • Assistance to the Board in setting goals, planning and budgeting;
    • Establishment of accounting and administrative controls for the union;
    • Proper implementation and adherence to Board decisions and policies;
    • Provision of general administrative direction to the union employees;
    • Supervision of daily union management;
    • Recruitment, capacity building and termination of employees;
    • Periodic reporting to the Board;
    • Representation of the union in transactions when ever authorized by the Board;
    • Ensuring compliance to legal obligations and regulations;
    • Promotion and enhancement of the credibility of the union.

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