Problems While Organising

Discussing policy issues to strengthen cooperatives
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This paper presents SEWA’s perspective on policy issues that would help strengthen cooperatives and enhance their efficiency. It suggests that:

  • Registration process of cooperatives needs to be simplified and area-specific;
  • Cooperative representatives must have mandatory appointment on the federations or boards of cooperatives;
  • Women’s cooperatives must be exempted from paying Octroi tax when transporting goods;
  • Government resolution of 1979 that gives preference to women’s cooperatives before procuring products and services from the open market must be made re-effective;
  • Cooperative representatives should be involved in the implementation and reform of any act;
  • Taxes should not be charged while the cooperative is non-operational;
  • Education fund collected from women’s cooperatives should be entrusted to women’s federations instead of the government;
  • Government should aid in skills and technology development by providing discounts and establishing a central agency to generate market information;
  • Land should be allotted to milk cooperatives;
  • Government should implement health schemes through health cooperatives in the area.

Finally, immediate efforts should be made for cooperatives to get maximum benefits from the economic packages of the National Cooperative Development Corporation.

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By Saha, S.