State of the Microcredit Summit Campaign Report 2002

Presenting challenges and new directions in microfinance to achieve the Millennium Development Goals

This report reviews the work done by Microcredit Summit Campaign to address challenges faced by the campaign, outlines the survey methodology used to arrive at figures, presents the findings, and summarizes the work in verifying the data of a larger number of institutions.

The paper mentions four core themes that guide the campaign:

  • Reaching the poorest;
  • Reaching and empowering women;
  • Building financially self sufficient institutions;
  • Ensuring a positive, measurable impact on the lives of the clients and their families.

The paper elaborates on contributions and challenges in reaching out to the poorest of clients. Further, it talks about the research methodologies, with reference to:

  • Clients reached;
  • Women clients reached;
  • Use of poverty measurement tools;
  • Advances in poverty focus, and the development and use of targeting tools;
  • Legislation and development and use of new tools.

The paper concludes by making recommendations for practitioners, heads of state and governments, parliamentary leaders, bilateral and multi-lateral donor agencies, commercial banks, investors. It also highlights the progress indicators for reaching the Millennium Development Goals.

About this Publication

By Daley-Harris, S.