Global Network for Banking Innovation in Microfinance

Fact sheet on a global network that promotes microfinance as a transformational business opportunity
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This paper presents the details of Women's World Banking (WWB) Global Network for Banking Innovation in Microfinance (GNBI) - a network of regulated financial institutions that attempt to demonstrate that microfinance is a profitable and transformational business opportunity. The paper discusses the following aspects of GNBI:

Objective - To encourage the profitable provision of microfinance by:

  • Highlighting financial institutions that provide wholesale and retail finance to poor people;
  • Creating learning forums and exchanges for regulated financial institutions and WWB network members;
  • Promoting technical and financial collaborations and innovative partnerships.

Activities - GNBI's priority activity areas are to:

  • Organize best practice meetings;
  • Catalyze key innovations;
  • Promote collaborations;
  • Participate in policy change.

Membership criteria and process - The applying institution must be a respected, regulated financial institution that:

  • Is recognized as a leader in providing financial services to low-income entrepreneurs and women;
  • Is committed to strengthening the country in which it operates;
  • Has a clear vision and strategy for growth in microfinance;
  • Has at least 10,000 active microfinance clients either directly, or through partnerships;
  • Recognizes the profit in microfinance;
  • Agrees to develop and use performance indicators;
  • Shares microfinance best practices;
  • Contributes financially to the GNBI.

The paper concludes by providing a list of GNBI members.

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