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Online Learning

Making Finance Work for Women in India

This event aims to bring together industry experts and leaders from the financial service space, postal service unions, investors and other stakeholders from Women’s World Banking's network for a focused discussion on empowering low-income women.


From Cash to Digital Wage Payments in Vietnam

This publication assesses the awareness, use and acceptance of digital wage payments among enterprises and workers in Vietnam, with a specific focus on women workers.


Building Capacity for Client-Centered Cash Assistance

Through this research, beneficiaries and agents respond to Indonesia’s largest cash transfer program as it pivots to provide COVID-19 emergency aid.


From Cash to Digital Wage Payments in the Philippines

This report discusses why it is imperative to capitalize on this momentum in the wake of COVID-19 to ensure wider adoption and usage of digital payments, particularly among low-income women.


Empowering Women on a Journey Towards Digital Financial Capability

This report focuses on building the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for customers to engage with digital financial services.


Reaching Financial Equality for Women

This 10-point action plan for governments and businesses shares practical steps to help end the continued economic exclusion of women through digital financial inclusion.


Algorithmic Bias, Financial Inclusion, and Gender

A primer on opening up new credit to women in emerging economies

Case study

Her Resilience in the Face of COVID-19

A data deep dive into the customer base of two financial service providers engaging with low-income women


Empowering MSMEs

Creating a better banking experience for women-led micro, small, and medium enterprises in Kenya