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In Conversation With Mary Ellen Iskenderian: Championing Inclusive Finance to Empower Women

In her recently released book, Mary Ellen Iskenderian, President and CEO of Women’s World Banking, provides a comprehensive look at why women’s financial inclusion matters.


Five Principles for Building Women's Capacity for Digital Financial Services

This publication introduces a set of five principles to support stakeholders in ensuring G2P programs are viable in terms of financial and operational efficiency.


Sharia Finance & Women's Financial Inclusion in Indonesia

Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims of any country in the world, at 237 million. This study looks at whether Sharia finance may better work for women's financial inclusion.


Deadline to Apply Extended for the 2022 Leadership & Diversity Program for Regulators!

The Leadership & Diversity Program for Regulators is now accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Case Study

What it Takes: Insights From Women Leaders in Financial Inclusion

This case study research shares the insights of past program participants in order to motivate other aspiring women leaders, provoke conversation, and inspire new career pathways.


Beyond Wage Digitization: Financial Capability and Economic Empowerment of Cambodian Women Migrant Workers

Findings from a survey of 2,781 participants providing an analysis of the levels of financial awareness, financial behaviors, and economic empowerment of women factory workers in Cambodia.


Market Opportunities for Women’s Savings: Evidence From India

This study analyzed data to better understand why and how women save in India to guide financial services providers as they work to better tailor their products to customer needs.


Women’s Economic Empowerment and Financial Inclusion in Indonesia: Levers to Move Women From Inclusion to Empowerment

Grounded in an analysis of norms governing women’s agency, ability to enact preferences, bargaining power and financial independence, this report provides a conceptual framework to move Indonesian women from financial inclusion to empowerment.


Designing Digital Payments for Mexican Women Entrepreneurs